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released August 24, 2018

All music written and performed by Chuggernaut

Produced and Mixed by Andrew Nault at Eyeland Studio
Mastered by Mike Kalajian / Rogue Planet Mastering
Artwork by Marc Provencher
Layout Design by Dave Cohen

Chuggernaut would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our friends and families for their endless, misguided support and encouragement. Special thanks goes out to Crvshr, Brionna Grubbs, Andrew Nault, Derek Sampson, Anthony Lusk-Simone, David Fuller, Will “Görebläster Körpse-Härvest” Lunden, Lance Tobin, Cliff Burke and the RiffWars community, and Ryan Ratajski and his Fuzzrocious family. To Behbood Behnam (@behbo0d.behnam), Tyler Fritzel (@mythofty), Ibnu Kamal (@_malmall), Spencer Metela (@sensualmacaroni), Eugene Sabaitis (@genghisthoj) and our RiffWars contest winner – Tyler Kent (@jtkmus1k), thank you for lending your time and vicious tone to Control Burn. Last but not least; thank you. Yes you, for taking the time out of your life to listen to our music and read this page. That’s pretty damn cool of you and we really appreciate it. We should hang out more.


all rights reserved



Chuggernaut Boston, Massachusetts

Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, ‘regressive metal’ quartet Chuggernaut puts a modern twist on classic riff-driven metal songwriting, blending elements of doom, thrash, groove and post-hardcore into a massive, organic sound all their own.

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Track Name: Stranglehold
Ride eternal, weary traveler
Down these hellfire roads
Grip the embers of your choices
Making every one your own

Broken down, but standing proud,
Into the dark we scream

We are the wolves of our fortune
Show your scars
Wear them with a smile
We made the world that made us
The kings of the desperate mile.

Wait for nothing. Time betrays us
Wearing tooth and bone
Now is all that ever will be
If we let the feeling go

The future is yours
The future is mine
Track Name: Control Burn
How did we get here?
I swear I’ve seen this place before
But it was different then; green and wild as far as I could see
Now only barren earth remains

Breathing out, breathing in, life begins

On the other side; I will find another
We survive filled with light and color

Chalk-white abrasions
A fertile landscape turned to gray
But vibrancy returns; muted colors gaining strength
Witnessing death now in decay

I watched the earth before me dying
The raging waves consuming all
And in this glimpse we set the fires to end it
We had to burn to save ourselves

With skies now ablaze, I will start over
Leaving this land and the past behind us
Track Name: Disposable Monuments
When we were younger; striving to understand
All that surrounded us; seeking the fountain
We built a world on the graves of our fathers
Carving our history Into the mountains

All hail our God of glass
Shining and empty just like us
Too fragile to last

Now we can span greater distances instantly
Not saying anything worth a repeating
And leave our children disposable monuments
Trivial sentiments. Value is fleeting

No bones we leave behind
No stones to trace us
We will undo ourselves
We have erased us
Track Name: Black Lung
Staring blankly through the wall,
No perseverance here
I was too numb to see it all
Only distance made it clear

And as what you made has fallen into decay
Something stirs within the ashes. I’ll find a way.

They left as swiftly as they came. This wasn’t built to last. Preservation through the pain, But soon this too shall pass.

I’m finally letting go of everything I can’t control. Finally letting go has given me everything. Just let go. With no restrictions I’ll find a way.

Moving forward you’ll know where to find me: miles ahead of all I’ve left behind, tearing mountains to the ground before me, but always keeping where I’ve been in mind.

Effortlessly I am swept away. Tirelessly I will find a way.
Track Name: Aftermath
A shot in the dark
Movement in the distance
Down the path of least resistance
Hope was stricken down, again and again
This life; the things I’ve seen
New ghosts in old machines
Take me to the grave but you can’t stop me
No, you can’t stop me

And in the aftermath, seek the truth
We emerge from the fire feeling just like new
Empty inside, now we’ll rise
Together we’ll burn into the night

Breaking through the blackness
I need to push beyond this
But my drowning screams are silenced again
I wake in spinning shame
Dull aches that numb the pain
‘Cause in the end we’re all judged the same

When we reach the end, we’re all judged the same
We’re all judged the same. Combust, and begin again

And in the aftermath, speak the truth
We emerge from the fire feeling just like new
Empty inside, now we’ll rise
Together we’ll burn. Combust and begin again

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